How it Works

For one on one attention & an express pass to a lighter life, partake in private sessions with Olivia or one of her Pop-up trainers in the comfort of your own home or nearest park. Be gently encouraged & rest assured that you are on your journey to a sexier self.

You bring the positive attitude and the will to make a lifestyle change, not just a quick fix, leave the rest to us. We want you to leave the session wanting more, knowing the benefits of what good work can bring. Why not bring along your other half, sister, mother-in-law, business partner or BFF?!

Want a cocktail at the weekend? – Sure! Because you will have earnt it!

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What do we do?

You hate it? – We won’t do it


You love it? – Lets do lots


Late Cancellations – up to 2 hours before!

What does it cost?

Pop-Up PT

€100 per hour

Event Appearances

€150 per hour

Pop-Up Fitness Collaborative events

Price on Request