About the Villa

Set in the worlds most elite Villas across the globe, we are proud to present a perfectly blended week of “tough love”. A healthy balance of vigorous exercise, deliciously prepared clean eating from award winning chefs, each guests get personal attention and gentle encouragement, rather than drill-sergeant discipline. We wanted to provide an extraordinary week for our treasured clients.

“Work hard and reward well” is what I believe in. I truly believe that the ethos of my retreats being able to do as little or as much as you want. This is what makes this retreat appealing and different.”

– Olivia Cooney

The ethos of our ‘Pop-Up Fitness Retreats’ is to have outstanding clean-eating meals and flowing exercise available to you each and everyday throughout, Where the decision of how much you participate in is completely yours.

You are here to improve your overall fitness but also to have a good time, it is all about learning a ‘healthy balance of life’.

We are updating our style, accessibility is the new passion point at Pop-Up Fitness Retreats.
The 360 experience remains intact, a perfectly blended 5 days of fitness & relaxation. However, we are introducing a new price & booking method that will eliminate any possible accessibility obstacles.

Our new booking method:

- One set price: £1.650 -
- 12 available places on the retreat -
The accommodation will be allocated to each guest to suit them best! If you are travelling with a friend you will be immediately allocated a room together & if you are travelling with a partner we have 3 beautiful double rooms available to reserve.


Included in your stay:

- 5 days of Pop-Up Fitness Retreat, Ibiza
- Champagne arrival 
- A cleansing & detoxifying menu in its entirety; breakfast, lunch, dinner + juices, shakes & snacks
- 3 hosts & nutrition chef
- Transportation throughout the program
- Guided hikes, guided meditation, yoga & pilates in addition to Pop-Up Fitness high intensity training.
- Complimentary 60 minute physiotherapy massage
- Cooking workshop
- Open air cinema night & live DJ workout
- Final evening at Ibiza’s top restaurant